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Jack's House of Buggery

"Buggery is the Genus, of which Sodomy and Bestiality are the species."

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the Jack
7 September
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Jack of all genders, member of none

NOTE: All icons which are available to be shared are marked as such -- click here to pick some for yourself. Please do not take any icons not marked 'shareable' especially if they were not made by me. Please do take 'bugger LJ' icons, and distribute far and wide. (;

I've managed to go this long without a description in my user profile. But I'm about to do some long-overdue maintenance of my friends list, so I thought now might be a good time to put at least something here.

If I unfriend you: it's probably because we no longer have fandoms in common, and/or a signal-to-noise (fic-to-quiz-results-and-memes) issue.

If you want to friend me: go right on ahead!

If you friend me and I don't friend you back: the most common cause of this is my being desperately behind on updating my friends list, even when I've just added people. I'm perpetually behind.

If I friend you and you're not sure why: probably you have good fic on your LJ, and/or your interests seem to match mine enough that I'm interested in what you have to say.

Some content in this journal is intended for adults. Adult content is marked as such. If you are not yet considered an adult in the jurisdiction in which you reside, it could be a violation of your laws or mine for you to view such content here. Parents, please supervise your children if you are concerned with what they view and read.

Update, 12 December 2003:
Now new and improved with actual LJ interests!
Still hopelessly behind on friending.

Update, 3 March 2004:
I'm in the middle of a massive round of friending DC comics slash type people for this spanky new DC comics friends filter I made (and a couple of the other people I've been meaning to get round to have been added, also). If you're not on my friends list yet, and think you should be... bear with me another day or so.

Update, 4 August 2007:
No new unique content will be posted to this journal; all future entries will link to my new blog, which is currently http://buggery.insanejournal.com and will hopefully be moving again to a site like scribblit.com soon. LiveJournal and SixApart have betrayed my trust for the last time; they will never get any further trust from me.

30 November 2007 update:
Given the choice between 'No Adult Content', 'Adult Concepts' and 'Explicit Adult Content' as 'a global setting for the [entire] journal'
-- go to http://www.livejournal.com/manage/settings/ (while logged in) and scroll to the 'Adult content options' section at the bottom to see this special surprise new 'feature' LJ has imposed on all users without notification before or after the fact -- I chose to leave my journal marked 'No Adult Content' as a global setting rather than restrict access to the majority of my posts which contain no adult material. As noted above, any adult content in my journal is already marked as such. I may flag pre-existing adult-content posts using the new flagging mosquito mallet feature at some point in the future, but it's not getting done today.

Oh, and the quotation in my LJ subtitle is from Thomas Jefferson. Personally, I think he said it just to get on Washington's, Hamilton's and Franklin's nerves.

alex ross, androgyny, apollo/the midnighter, autoerotic asphyxiation, avery brooks, babylon 5, barbara gordon, barley, bashir/o'brien, batfamily, batgirl, batman, batman beyond, batman/joker, batman/nightwing, batman/robin, batman/superman, batman/two-face, bert/ernie, bibleslash, blasphemy, blessed kateri, brimstone, bruce wayne, bruce/dick, bruce/terry, buggery, camryn manheim, captain jack sparrow, clark/jimmy, colonel jack o'neill, comic books, comics, comix, dar williams, daria, daria/jane, data/geordi, david bowie, dc comics, devin grayson, dick grayson, dick/bruce, dick/kyle, dick/roy, elijah snow/axel brass, fairies, fairy tales, farscape, femslash, fezzik/inigo, folk music, folk tales, food not bombs, fourme d'ambert, free leonard peltier, free tibet, frodo/sam, frodo/smeagol, gender transgression, gender-neutral pronouns, genderfuck, genderqueer, george takei, gilgamesh/enkidu, gina torres, gotham, green party, hermaphrodism, highland single malt, holmes/moriarty, holmes/watson, homoerotic subtext, hypoxia, indigenous peoples, inigo montoya, intersex, j'onn j'onzz, jack hawksmoor, jackie chan, james marsters, james tiptree jr., jason todd, john glover, john munch, justice league, kevin conroy, lex luthor, linguistics, lionel luthor, lord of the rings, luthorcest, margaret cho, marlee matlin, mary magdalene, megalithic cultures, methos, metis, michael rosenbaum, mythology, nederland, nichelle nichols, nightwing, nightwing/batman, old man slash, oracle, peace, people named jack, peter wingfield, planetary, pope joan, queer, queerness, red dwarf, renee montoya, richard belzer, robin, robin williams, robot chicken, saba sashimi, samuel r. delany, samurai champloo, samurai jack, scooby/shaggy, sewer urchin, slash, slashing your childhood icons, smallville, speculative fiction, spider robinson, spike/angel, spike/buffy, spike/xander, star trek, static shock, static/gear, swinging both rays, tamora pierce, the authority, the batman, the midnighter, the outsiders, the princess bride, the tick, tick/arthur, two-spirit, uncle/toru, ursula k. le guin, velvet goldmine, warren ellis

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