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"I don't know if it's just that I'm an adrenaline junkie -- or that heavy action reminds me of the good old days with Batman -- but for one reason or another, it's only in the middle of a fight that I truly feel alive."
--Dick Grayson, as told by Devin Grayson, in Nightwing #74

Peace tastes good.
-- the Jack

"You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means."
--Inigo Montoya, as told by William Goldman (or was that S. Morganstern?) in The Princess Bride

"Batman is no more gay than Wonder Woman is into bondage or the Flash is into red latex."
--Terry Moore

"If a person who indulges in gluttony is a glutton, and a person who commits a felony is a felon, then God is an iron."
--Spider Robinson, in God is an Iron and later Mindkiller

Well, bugger.

25 September 2006, Monday
All slash leads to Star Trek 11:11 pm   (heart this)

Or possibly I have that backwards?

So the other day, Te made a long, thinky post about why the treatment of characters of colour in both canon (primarily DC comics, but by no means exclusively) and fandom (same deal) creative works continues to be disappointing, and why that's not okay. Her post is part of a larger discussion going on in various parts of the internet about race and gender in fandom -- both what fans create and what we consume -- and generated its share of discussions and follow-up posts.

In one of the discussion threads on that post (begun by vassilissa here), discussing why the character of Teal'c on Stargate: SG-1 gets such short shrift, Te made a comparison between SG-1 and classic Trek when she raised the question,
"Really, what would slash fandom have looked like -- if anything -- if Leonard Nimoy had had darker skin?"

Like Te, and not a few others, I was stunned and inspired by Elena's response, "I'd like to imagine that maybe if they'd cast Nichelle Nichols as Spock (she wanted the role when she read the script)" -- I grew up in Trek fandom, but I've grown away from it as an adult, and I had never heard that story before.

It would, of course, have changed everything.

If Jim Kirk's Vulcan First Officer had been played by a black woman...Collapse )

While I'm here nattering on about Star Trek... The internets and fandom have *both* failed me! How is it that I didn't find out until nearly a year after the fact that George Takei, who played Hikaru Sulu in ST:TOS and most of the films that followed, came out to the news media as a gay man?! Ah well. In honour of my finally catching the clue, new icon.

No wonder I've always been so hot for Goerge Takei.

current mood: need a George Takei audio book

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24 September 2006, Sunday
As an alternative to STABBY RAGE... 6:06 pm   (heart this)

Yeah, I've seen all the same scans showing that WIZARD magazine can hire utter tools to talk about (and demonstrate) drawing female comics characters that the rest of LJ-based comics fandom is frothing about today. Not gonna rant, per se. Plenty of that going on, and I just don't have the energy for a rant today.

Instead, a somewhat more zen approach:

Big Beautiful Wonder Woman, the blog of a WW fan who believes Diana is a prime example of women looking better the less they look ...well, like Michael Turner's vision of Supergirl.

All the art at BBWW is by other artists, and the blogger accepts and displays any art of Wonder Woman drawn with more heft to her than she's allowed to have officially. This means, sadly unsurprisingly, both that some of the art poses Wonder Woman like a girly pinup, and that some of it is drawn by artists who can't conceive of a fat woman being anything but unattractive.

That said, the second image currently on display (by Pedro Caraca) is possibly the least representative of the dozens of pieces of artwork contributed to BBWW; and while I wish I could say the third image (by Colin McK) is equally unrepresentative, truthfully there is a fair amount of cheesecake here -- which remains exploitative even if the women are drawn with less-unrealistic bodies, or bodies unrealistic in ways other than the comics-industry standard.

For me, though, it's worth scrolling past that crap in order to appreciate art like the image currently at the top of the page, by Tom Burgos, or like the sixth image on the current page, by Juan 'JayTee' Tesorero, or even better, less-recently-posted art like this one from July by Mike Manley of Diana -- and Clark.

Behind the cut: more somewhat-less insanely-image-heavy links for the dialup set...Collapse )

The asterisks (* to ****) beside each artist's name denote the number of stars I've rated the art by that artist in the referenced post, based on my own biased view of how offensive (*) or empowered (****) the depiction of Diana in the image is. Possibly this is of use even to those with spiffy fast connections, now that I think about it.

70s Porn Star Buddha says: Feed your soul, feed your body.

current mood: hungry for ...something

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19 September 2006, Tuesday
Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! 11:44 pm   (heart this)

Nothing in this post has anything to do with the subject line.

I have just finished eating a delicious sandwich for dinner, the contents of which I felt like sharing. (LJ still needs a Current food: notation on entries. I'm just saying.)

Sweet Muenster Sandwich
  • Two slices cinnamon-raisin (or other sweet bread with fruits and/or nuts, but not cake-like) bread

  • Spiced fruit spread (Apple butter is good, basingstoke's home-canned spiced blueberry jam is awesome, as no doubt her gingered-cider jelly would've been if I hadn't mixed all mine in yogurt; tonight I used a spiced pear jam from the local farmer's market that has butter *in* it)

  • 1-3 slices Muenster cheese (depending on how thick yours is sliced and how gooey you like your sandwich)

  • butter (optional)

  • Cream cheese (optional)

(If you want to use butter, spread it on your bread first.) Smear your jam or other fruit spread on one side of each slice of bread, nice and thick. (If you want to use cream cheese, spread it on over the jam on one slice, also nice and thick.) Lay your Muenster on the bread and close up the sandwich.

The easiest way to finish your sandwich is if you have a Foreman grill or a panini maker. You can also use a toaster oven if you have one. Or, you can fry your sandwich in a skillet or bake it in the oven (around 200F/100C), but be sure you butter the outside of the sandwich too, and cover the pan before and after flipping it, or wrap the sandwich in foil if it's going in the oven.

In other random things that make me happy today, Te recently acquired a copy of King Missile's "Gay / Not Gay." I'm a long-time King Missile fan anyway, but this one is special. Lyrics here: A bunch of us guys are gonna sit around in our underwear and watch the football game and drink beer and eat chips and, you know, maybe wrestle with each other, just us guys...Collapse )

<333. Yarrr.

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18 September 2006, Monday
WHISKEY. TANGO. FOXTROT. 6:32 pm   (heart this)

I know that political posts push some people's buttons like whoa, but this is just too important for me to put entirely behind a cut.

The United States Senate will be voting this week on whether to issue a PARDON to George W. Bush for illegal wiretapping of, and possibly other crimes committed against, American citizens.

MoveOn.org has a convenient email petition form set up, which will add your name to a list of electronic signatures to be presented to both the Senate and the House of Representatives denouncing the proposed pardon and asking members of Congress to vote against it.

I have already signed the petition via this form, and added the text behind the cut below to my message. Because faxed letters are given more weight by most Congresspeople than emails, phone calls or even snail-mailed letters, however, I will also be faxing each of my Senators individually tomorrow.

While I'm at it, I will gladly fax a letter to anyone else's Senators on their behalf. All I need is the text you would like in your letter (a personal note addressing each Senator's record and/or history is helpful but not necessary), the names and fax numbers of each of your Senators, and a graphic file with your signature -- you can do this right in a graphics program if you don't have access to a scanner, just be sure that it is either saved at 300 dpi or higher, or appears approximately three times the size of your normal signature on the screen.

What I added to the standard MoveOn.org petition textCollapse )

Using either the text of the MoveOn.org petition or what I wrote is better than not saying anything to your Senators, but correspondence whose text is identical to other senders' is granted less weight by politicians, so use your own words unless you really can't think of anything different to say.

Comments are screened by default, so that only I will see the real names, addresses and signatures of anyone who wants me to send a fax for them (feel free to post such comments anonymously if you prefer not to have your name associated with your LJ) but other comments will be un-screened unless you request otherwise.

Edited to add: Contact information for elected government officials at all levels for all states can be found here. That site also offers an "Extra Impact" service -- someone will hand-deliver your letter to a member of Congress to their offices in Washington, for about US$9 per letter, for those who have the extra money to throw at this outrage.

current mood: too angry for the IMPEACH icon

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17 September 2006, Sunday
It's not a GIP if I brought enough to share with the whole class, right? 2:33 am   (heart this)

Recent trends in comics fandom (and elsewhere) have been provoking my feminist rage pretty frequently, and I've been increasingly aware of my need for an icon that can express my feeling of GRARRR at such times.

Then Te and I watched a Robot Chicken rerun -- the one with the Santa Claus murder mystery, and the digression, "You ever see a yeti with a dozen condoms of coke burst in his belly?" The ensuing rampage inspired me to say, "that! That's what I need for my growly rage icon..."

Happily, some other [adult swim] fan put the digression segment of the Claus sketch up on YouTube, meaning both that you can watch it here (behind the cut)Collapse ) and that I was able to screencap the yeti wreaking havoc for iconnage purposes. Alt + PrntScrn is your friend and mine.

Let the yeti express your rage! In icon form!Collapse )

For those who might question the appropriateness of a yeti as spokesicon of *feminist* rage, I have three points to make: first, that the yeti in question clearly has breasts (#6 provides the best view); second, that drug mules around the world are predominantly female, and there's no reason to presume that trend would change north of the arctic circle, despite that elf's pronoun slip; third and finally, feminism (and by extension feminist rage) isn't just for women.

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11 September 2006, Monday
normally I'm opposed to poking rabid dogs with sticks, but... 6:43 pm   (heart this)

Okay, no, this is just too funny. It's too over-the-top crackpot for me to take it remotely seriously. (And it's not as if the rabid dog in question is a mere fence away, thanks to the internet...) This nutcase makes James *Dobson*'s rhetoric look centrist and coherent.

Here is the comment I left on on the foam-flecked blog post:
This is hilarious! It reminds me a little of those spam e-mails made up of jumbled-together search-result text, only it's (almost) all complete sentences. I'm curious, are you schizophrenic, and if not, where did you learn to emulate their paranoiac faulty-causal and reifying constructions so well?

On that note, I have a friend who teaches university-level logic and debate... would you mind if I pointed him to your brilliant satire here, since it contains examples of nearly every argumentative fallacy there is?

I came across Untergehen In Das Unbehagen: Going Down From My Mountain To The Brokeback Monsters quite by accident, using Technorati's spiffy blogs-search engine to look for ...something else *entirely*. Really, I can't quite imagine the search terms I'd have to have chosen if I *were* trying to find something like this thing.

One of the neat things about a Technorati search is that it tells you how many other blogs link to each search-result post. At least when I came across it, the number of blogs linking to "Untergehen auf Brokeback Monsters" was zero. My comment on it was the first.

Being not unmindful of the opportunity here, I decided I should encourage as many people to join me in mocking Mr James G. Poulos as I can get. Feel free to link your friends and family here (or directly to the blogspot page). Permission to metaquote is granted.

Just in case the glory that is "Going Down From My Mountain To The Brokeback Monsters" should disappear, the internet being the fickle beast it is, the full text is below the cut:Collapse )

I can't help but be further amused that self-proclaimed "Essayist, free lance, & career academic" Poulos, seemingly so proud of his dubious bit of blog fame, plays so fast and loose with basic rules of usage involving little things like capitalisation of articles mid-title. But, well, as anybody who knows me can tell you, I really am anal...

edited to add: For clarity's sake, I am not suggesting anyone actually *argue* any point with Poulos (though I'm also not telling anyone what to do; what's the fun in that?). It seems fairly clear that'd be a lost cause. I just think anybody who says things like he has publicly deserves to be laughed at publicly -- long and loud.

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10 September 2006, Sunday
bweeatitude 4:36 pm   (heart this)

This is a post of happiness and yay. I kind of really need to make one, because I know what my next politics post is going to be about, and it's messing with my head even before I compose one word. So! Yayness!

Via koimistress's rec, written by juleskicks, LiveJournal: Being an Humble Treatise on which behaviors are thereon Acceptable and which are Not, and some General Meditations upon how to make one's Experience in the Realm of Live Journal more Enriching, or by the which one may at least Minimize one's chances of being Pwned. Possibly most or even all of you reading this saw it already, as I was still mostly-gafiated when it was posted (and would thus have been linked from various LJs for the benefit of those who don't read Twinkledru/Jules) a few months ago. I'd have to link to this post just for its utility or just for its droll humour, and it has both in spades.

In related good news: for those who still find navigating the LJ site FAQs just to make a post intimidating or simply annoying, koimistress still has her handy-reference LJ-tags icon uploaded1 -- bookmark for your convenience; Koi also has many photos of her adorable new dog uploaded, about which and whom there is more information scattered through her recent-ish LJ posts; and Jules/Twinkledru has found and begun writing in DC comics fandom over in her creative-works LJ, greenspaces. The more, the cracktasticker! Or something.

Finally: yummy foods! One of the aides Te and I hired recently (who lives conveniently right in our building, and also is named Robin) made us me a HUGE pot of a delicious Portuguese yuca stew recipe she likes to cook, using free-range organic hormone- and antibiotic-free vegetarian-feed chicken (that being the only kind of chicken I'll eat), for my birthday -- huge, like, we've eaten it every day and given some away and still have a BIG pot left. This afternoon, one of our other aides, Hilda, fried up some gorgeous golden trout2 filets we had bought, Puerto-Rican style with Adobo and Sazon-con-Azafran. Currently on the stove is some lamb stew we're making using the remains of our most recent lamb roast, which means it was stuffed with garlic cloves, skewered with rosemary stalks, liberally coated in dried peppermint and ground cumin and a few other seasonings, slow-cooked on low heat for about 20 hours, and slow-cooked for another eight hours or so for good measure; we have it in a stock-pot with potatoes, onion, carrots and (of course) more garlic, and we're going to let it simmer until at least tomorrow morning. Finally3, I recently (re)discovered my love of Bugles snacks and was delighted to realise they truly deserve that so-often-meaningless "0g trans fat per serving" label: there is no hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated oil in them, so I can eat them without fear.

Footnotes!Collapse )

current mood: happy happy and now off to nap

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7 September 2006, Thursday
Discursive dysfunction... 11:45 pm   (heart this)

One-question poll behind the cut!

Someone leaves a comment on one of your posts complaining that it was offensive in some way that hadn't occurred to you before. What do you do?Collapse )

(Yes, I had a lovely birthday. Hopefully I will catch up on my friends page soon...)

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5 September 2006, Tuesday
I have been wanting to make this post for so long. And now I can! 7:07 pm   (heart this)

First, all fans of Gotham comics, and particularly Dick Grayson, ought to go check out Five times Dick knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bruce loved him, as written by sanj for cereta. It's more gen than it might sound, but it's also still Dick and Bruce.

Frequent readers of this journal may have noticed that I almost never make recs posts. Sandy Justine writing comics fanfiction again (however temporarily) is reason enough for an exception to that practice.

Speaking of Justine and comics fanfiction, a funny wonderful thing happened while I was gafiated earlier this year: her influential and much-talked-about story "Wrestle" (along with the rest of her older DC writing) is once again available on the internet! Check out sanj_stories for the "Learning to Lose" series (including "Wrestle") and her other fanfiction as well, notably the lovely gender-bending Shakespeare slash she wrote for Yuletide 2004, and "Equal Time," a scathingly hilarious critique of gender representation in fannish media most popular when it was written (in 1999, yet only marginally less relevant today). So many of you have lamented never having had the chance to read "Wrestle" these last few years; few fandom-related things could make me happier than to finally be able to point everyone to its new home in LJ-land.



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4 September 2006, Monday
It's like some kind of unofficial meme: "Look what I found on YouTube!" 7:07 pm   (heart this)

Yep, it's my turn now. (And a good thing it *isn't* an unofficial meme, as unlikely as I am to do those.) Look what I found on YouTube, everybody!

A time capsule from my childhood which explains MUCH about why I got into comics the way I did.Collapse )

And because YouTube's search yields fascinatingly random dividends: 'initiation by blood and buggery'...Collapse )

BTW, if anybody is just beside themselves with the desire to see an actual episode of the 70s-crack!Tarzan, comment to that effect and I will see if I can't work out how to get my copy onto YouTube or something.

Sekrit message to Ny: I am not avoiding! I am just busy!

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A little crack with your coffee? 8:03 am   (heart this)

One of the advantages of effectively living with other fen (Te and I reside in different apartments in the same building, but more often than not we're in one space) is that it becomes possible to carry on a three-way telephone conversation without having to pay an additional tithe to the local telcom warlords for the privilege.

This happened over the weekend when paragrapher, also known as Te's schoolyard chum Jeff (and sometimes his brother Sean, but I digress), called, and Te let me field the actual phone-to-ear duty for the CT end of the conversation.

Amongst other topics, comics crack of course made an appearance... Product Placement: Trademark (Ab)Use in the DCUCollapse )

Also, from the 'adult' personals section at the back of a recent issue of our local alternative weekly newspaper:


Stylish, mature WM seeking
Vampirella-type Goth F's to
share similar interests.

Sure, buddy. Vampirella-esque, YET stylish *and MATURE*. I almost can't decide if this is a man who reads not enough comics, or who reads too many... except, it's got to be the latter, or he wouldn't know Vampirella from Pamela Anderson. Similar interests? Any Heavy Metal-reading "babes" out there want to answer this guy's ad?

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31 August 2006, Thursday
Warning, political. Yet partly funny! 11:11 am   (heart this)

Mostly I'm selfishly using all your friends pages to remind myself to add the get your war on webcomic to my webcomics bookmarks when I get back on my own computer. Muahahaha!

But this provides me a convenient opportunity-cum-kick-in-the-pants for a couple of political things I've been wanting to blog about, even though I mostly use my LJ as a fannish vehicle more than as a blog in the loaded sense that term has come to have.

Cut from here down, partly because I get ranty and long-winded, partly for those who get hives from political stuff; I'm hippie enough not to want to harsh anyone's buzz, man.

Firstly, IraqCollapse )

On to Hurricane KatrinaCollapse )

Speaking of which, there's no cut-text for Lebanon (or anything else) because I am currently all ranted out.2

About my choice of iconCollapse )

Speaking of *that*, those who want something political they can feel (mostly -- he does explain in some detail which crap it was that drove him to change his mind) good about might check out this Apology From a Bush Voter. It made me feel better.4

1. Part of the reason I got so involved in following, and posting about, the Katrina disaster last year was that, as a disabled person myself, I was acutely aware of the logistical impossibility facing most physically disabled people in Katrina's path even if they wanted to evacuate, and I began looking through reports of what was happening with the specific intent of finding out how many such people were left to drown, starve, dehydrate, or die from lack of medical care or due to violence when most everyone who could get out did so. There still hasn't been near enough reportage in this regard, but as we all know, many people who physically could not walk out were indeed left to die.


3. Or, for those with no inclination to reproduce or raise children, other young people in our families or of our acquaintance, once a generation born after 2010 grows up.

4. Of course, it also helped motivate me to rant at length...

current mood: the laughter means I'm enraged

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29 August 2006, Tuesday
OMG, posting *again*, WTF 3:45 am   (heart this)

By way of a warning on this post, I present the following chatlog:

thete1: <--f***ing loves "Get By"
ficbyzee: I seriously had that song on repeat for *weeks* before I even decided to vid it.
thete1: *ahahahahaha*!
ficbyzee: I mean, I like his other stuff, but that song makes me *flail.*
thete1: I loooove me some gospel-infused hip-hop
thete1: Full stop
ficbyzee: :D yes.
thete1: ... it makes me want to write even more Timmyfic
thete1: *hangs head*
ficbyzee: *dies*
ficbyzee: I.... don't see that, but yay you?
thete1: *laughs* That's okay. One day I'll make all of you understand
ficbyzee: *heeee*
thete1: *terrible whirling eyes*
ficbyzee: I take it you mean toon Timmy, right?
thete1: Oh yes
thete1: The one who would morph *into* Eminem if he ever met Nighthawk
ficbyzee: *diiiiiiies*
ficbyzee: I'll take your word for it. :D

(Nighthawk being an African-American but otherwise deeply Battish vigilante/hero in Marvel Comics' Supreme Power series. For related give-Nighthawk-a-Robin background, see here.)

Can't say I didn't warn you, if you click -- fanart behind the cut!Collapse )

LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!

Cross-posted to comics_fanart.

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Randomly, 2:02 am   (heart this)

One of the medications I take regularly is a wonderful chronic-pain-management drug called tramadol, brand name Ultram. (For those interested, it's not an NSAID like ibuprofen, carries no risk of possibly fatal side effects like drugs in the Vioxx family, and is completely non-addictive and not even habit-forming -- if you have chronic pain issues, ask your doctor. I cannot stress this enough.)

Anyway, Te just noticed the time, and that I was due to take my next dose. But what she offered me was "some Ultraman."

Probably for the best that I insisted on the pill...

current mood: Sometimes, Thomas...

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20 July 2006, Thursday
Or, How I Nearly Declared War on the Tsalagi 2:22 am   (heart this)

It's Blog Against Racism Week.

I'm not sure I would be posting anything in relation to it, if it wasn't also a convenient impetus to get me posting something again. But it is, and I really ought to, so I am.

The first post I saw about BARW (as opposed to the icons, I started seeing those days earlier) instructed me that one thing I should do if I was going to participate was change my default icon to a race-related one, if it wasn't one already... and hey look, my default icon is still my Katrina icon, like it has been pretty much since the levees broke. You bet I'm still angry.

But that's kind of misleading, because this post isn't about the black/white racial divide in America, or anywhere else.

It's about me.Collapse )

I've actually been mulling a ranty-ish post about this -- about my family history and racial/ethnic identity -- for a long while now, and just never got around to it. If nothing else, BARW gave me that impetus to get it out. Which means that it did accomplish something... for me. Who's the only person I'm qualified to speak for.

current mood: exposed

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30 December 2005, Friday
A little story to tide us over 5:15 am   (heart this)

I have had a week of stress and too-much-to-do, which seems unfair given that this is supposed to be a holiday week and half the people I know have the whole week off. That's the main reason I haven't been around, and one reason I haven't been writing. Another reason I haven't been writing is that I've been blocked; not the have-no-ideas kind, the everything-I-think-of-sounds-like-crap kind, even wrt my WIPs.

Anyway, for whatever reason, I'm over that, if not over the busy (my schedule for the day includes wheelchair tuneup, miscellaneous errands, physical therapy, and a six-hour journey down to Te-land) and so: flashfic.

Thanks to Te and Mary for always being inspirational, even when I'm just rereading Jason stories they wrote months ago.

Warnings: The following story does not ignore the parts of canon in which the new Red Hood is Jason Todd.

That We RememberedCollapse )

Title taken from line 28 of Avon's Harvest by Edwin Arlington Robinson, one of my favourite poets.

I have no idea how I wound up writing so much gen
Never fear, though -- not all of my DCU fic is gen
And not all of my fanfiction is set in the DCU either

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24 December 2005, Saturday
Merry Ficmas... 9:09 pm   (heart this)

...to all some, specifically those of a DC-comics bent who aren't squicked by villain pairings in general or either of these blokes in particular.

Hey, neither yuletide nor jbbs are up quite yet, so what better time to post? I ask you.

A week ago, thete1, sharpest_rose and brown_betty were passing the crack-pipe round chatting about 'One Year Later' and what it might mean for various characters. (Read more...) or ignore the fake-cut link to the posted log and just read the relevant portion here:
    [01:10] Mary: It's One Year Later... Hush is Catwoman.
    [01:10] Mary: It's One Year Later... Hush is Aquaman.
    [01:15] Te: AND ALSO SLADE
    [01:15] Te: He renames himself Slash, and thus excuses the fact that I keep typing that anyway for 'Slade.'
    [01:15] Mary: It's One Year Later... Slade is the entire cast of the Titans.
    [01:15] Mary: AHAHAHA.
    [01:16] Mary: I DEMAND IT BE SO.

So, quite naturally (oh, come on, have you read anything by Mary? Ever? She can make the most forgettable or detestable characters fascinating and endearing) I said, "So is Mary going to write some Slash? Because now I want it."

Uh, okay, apparently *I* wrote some. ::facepalms:: MARY MADE ME DO IT. SHE HAS POWERS. THING.Collapse )

I would just like to point out for the record that this is SQUARELY MARY'S FAULT.

Most of Jack's other DCU stories are not quite so crack-addled
No promises about crack levels in non-DCU stories by the Jack

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17 December 2005, Saturday
The Boondocks: Now with 100% more gay! (But no cowboys) 9:59 am   (heart this)

For those of you who didn't watch last week's episode of The Boondocks on Cartoon Network's [adult swim] ...this is your heads-up that a) the rebroadcast airs tonight at midnight and 2) you need to watch it.

No, you *NEED* to.

Why? I'll tell you why.


Not Brokeback Mountain-related, mind, despite the storyline that ran in the daily Boondocks newspasper strip recently. Unh-uh. This is all about some hot, brother-on-brother action (no, not the incestuous kind, though I know that will disappoint some of you).

With nudity.

And also bondage.

Tonight, midnight, whatever channel Cartoon Network is in your area. (Or, if you have the broadband, you can torrent this and several previous episodes.)

And tomorrow's new episode will be on at the usual time (11pm ET Sunday) with a fun holiday theme. Watch Huey squirm in his seat as his white elementary schoolteacher tries to get Huey's 93.333% white classroom excited about celebrating Kwanzaa!

This public service announcement has been brought to you by NAKED GAY SMOOCHIES.

current mood: oh crap look at the time

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"Pick-Me-Up" -- why, yes, it's fanfiction time again! 9:39 am   (heart this)

So, the end of last week, sparcck was having a crap day and asked for cheering "fic or art or icons or ramblies or drabbles or tigs or something." I wanted to make her something, and naturally thought some LSH-fic would be just the thing.

Except I don't know Legion -- current or otherwise -- aside from the crossover with TEEN TITANS and the gorgeous Cyanotype series. At all.

I wrote her some Brainy/Lyle anyway. Though I suppose you have to kind of squint to see the pairing, and also know it's there.

On the other hand, completely all-ages appropriate.

Warnings: Cuteness and mild schmoop.

Pick-Me-UpCollapse )

Original comment version is here. I wanted to repost it, if nothing else, because there was a glaring dumbass grammar error right in the first line. And also because I keep hearing there isn't enough LSH fic out there, and everybody should get their fic itches scratched.

That's nice. Now how about some stories about Earth-based DC heroes?
Surely there must be something Jack's written that isn't comics-based?

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16 December 2005, Friday
Postal employees on my flist, please don't hate me. 10:26 am   (heart this)

Yes, I have very belatedly decided to send out some holiday goodies. Not cards, I used to work for a greeting-card manufacturer and it ruined me for card-sending. But I acquired a bunch of damaged comics recently, which are already not in whole and preservation-worthy condition, so I am going on a CRAFT BINGE.

If you want to participate, fill out the poll behind the cut. Note that you will get nothing if you don't provide your address! However, only I will be able to see the poll results*, and I promise not to give out your address to others, unless your last name ends in -fucktard.


Most people probably won't get their goodies until after Hanukkah, Yule *and* Christmas, but hey, a late gift is better than none, right?

*Be sure to enter your address in the poll, not a comment, unless you want everyone to see it...

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