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--Thomas Jefferson

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Babel Fish

31 August 2007, Friday
several diversions, and a number of people named Jack 8:31 am   (heart this)

(Diversion in the sense of a pleasant entertainment, rather than the sense of shifting attention from one subject to another.)

First of all, last week petronelle came to visit me and Te. She is quite diverting on her own! Delectable foods were delected, fancuddles occurred, and I won at making fangirls squeal, hands down. (In fairness, I must admit most of the squealing was in response to my sandbagging them with puns or cracked-out ideas like 'what if Jason had been adopted by Ollie?')

Petra also inflicted introduced me to 5.75 wonderful and diverting things during her visit... The Sting, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Singin' in the Rain,Collapse ) Doctor Who,Collapse ) Good Omens,Collapse ) the Doctor Who recaps at TWoP,Collapse ) and Sweeney ToddCollapse ).

Unrelated except chronologically: In between finishing Good Omens and reading anything else, I devoured the entire Canopus in Argos series by Doris Lessing. (Well, okay, I skimmed past large chunks of The Making of the Representative for Planet 8. Which, considering that it's only a ~120-page novella, and that I actually enjoy reading Herman Melville, should tell you something about how overly expository those long unbroken paragraphs are. It was an aberration, and should not detract from anyone's enjoyment of the four full-length novels in the series.) Um... we didn't have any other Gaiman I hadn't already read, or any Pratchett in printed-book form, and Te did have the omnibus edition. I don't know, it made sense at the time.

I don't even know where to start describing these books. I will say that they don't necessarily need to be read in order of publication, but that if you're starting with Shikasta (aka Re: Colonised Planet 5 Shikasta) you should NOT read Wiki articles, reviews or anything else, because there's an enormous spoiler which nearly every source mentions right off when talking about the book despite it not being revealed until hundreds of pages into the book itself. They're challenging books, both because Lessing doesn't explain some of the concepts she came up with for the series until long after they're first introduced (if at all) and because the main themes of the series are all advanced philosophical (and theosophical, and sociological, and cosmological) questions. They do, however (with the exception noted) manage to be page-turners as well, an impressive balance. So long as the punctuation of this sentence, which is indicative of Lessing's habitual punctuation -- doesn't make you want to punch things then you should be fine. (It makes me want to punch things, actually; but I still got through all five installments, didn't I?)

ETA: And today I shall be having my first root canal ever. Hopefully this will suck less than it might. Feel free to share tales of your own nightmarish root canal experiences, though -- forewarned is forearmed, and all that.

ETA2: Cross-posted to my my InsaneJournal here. Comments are enabled there. I sincerely apologise to anyone who finds IJ's theme offensive; I weighed this concern carefully against the need to have a journal host I felt I could trust not to arbitrarily delete my content. I hope to find a compromise which is more accomodating of both issues soon.

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