"Buggery is the Genus, of which Sodomy and Bestiality are the species."
--Thomas Jefferson

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Babel Fish

19 July 2007, Thursday
Congratulations 6A! You lose at the Internet. 6:20 pm   (heart this)

You've probably seen posts all over your friendslist about this announcement from SixApart (unless you're one of the many people on my flist who are avoiding their friends pages in fear of spoilers for the new Harry Potter book, and yes, the timing of the announcement right when so much of HP fandom is offline, not to mention right after permanent account sales closed, is too obnoxious to be entirely coincidental).

I'm going. Almost certainly I'm following Te wherever she goes -- see here.

There are already a huge number of comments on the lj_biz post, most of them falling into one of a handful of categories of redundancy. I like to think that I've saved you the trouble of adding to the riot of responses there... though, if shooting metaphorical fish in the barrel is something you enjoy, LiveJournal has provided an exquisitely ripe opportunity.

As I said in that comment, none of the content in buggery is going to be deleted, at least not by me. But in the very near future, new content will be posted elsewhere rather than here, and pre-existing content will be reposted at the new location. I'll keep you posted as to where my new internet home shall be.

Oh, and because I enjoy calling things before they happen:
Nobody seems to be asking for clarification, yet, of whether fanfiction's use of trademarked (or copyrighted, though that gets a big old [SIC]) characters, locations and concepts is going to fall under the new ban on content which allegedly violates US law. (I might've just missed it, as I did not read every single comment before my own.) My guess is that 6A will say, while everyone is up in arms about this current round of BS, that fanfiction which doesn't concern minors in sexual situations won't be affected... and that they'll go back on that before the year is out.

I have a paid account and extra icon slots, and have had them for years now. I'm going to quite enjoy taking my consumer dollars elsewhere, and helping finance some less-egregiously-mismanaged journaling site to make itself better as I did with LJ in the past.

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