"Buggery is the Genus, of which Sodomy and Bestiality are the species."
--Thomas Jefferson

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Babel Fish

7 November 2006, Tuesday
it's like it was scripted 2:34 pm   (heart this)

Overheard (overseen? overviewed? ...can anybody spare a coin?) in a comics-fans' chatroom just now:

B•Angelheart: still couldnt read that...its all scrambled at my end...all I see is gibberish
C•A-Team: yeah, thats how we see kin's comments too
Salamander: Must be a "glitch".
C•kinbote: You're just not l33t enough for my political commentary.
B•Angelheart: what?
C•kinbote: It pwns you.
Salamander: what?
C•A-Team: PWNS
C•A-Team: you
Salamander: WHAT?
C•A-Team: you know, pwns
C•A-Team: you got pwns
C•A-Team: er pwned
Salamander: Oh. Why didn't you say so?
C•A-Team: lol
B•Angelheart: prawns?
C•A-Team: no not prons
C•A-Team: pwns
C•AbbaZabba: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L33t
Salamander: man, that's so 1337.

PS to any Americans who somehow forgot and didn't see all the other reminders -- vote today! I did.

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