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Delany reading and/or fannish gathering in NYC?

So Samuel R. Delany is doing a reading at the South Street Seaport Museum two weeks from now.

Here are the details...
Sponsor: The New York Review of Science Fiction
Location: Melville Gallery @ the South Street Seaport Museum
Address: 213 Water Street (Manhattan, not Brooklyn)
Date: Tuesday 2 October
Time: doors open @ 6:30, reading begins @ 7PM

thete1 and I are looking really hard at going. We like to take advantage of times we're going to be in the city to meet up with fanfolks anyway, but there's a complication due to how late the reading starts -- the last train up to our neck of CT leaves Grand Central just after 9PM. We do have the option of taking the train to New Haven (trains run there until almost 2AM) after the reading and staying with people we know there, but we're hoping somebody interested in the reading and/or meeting up before or after has couch space for us. We'll both be hobbling; I won't be bringing my powered wheelchair, though if we can get a manual one in a timely manner we may bring it, since manual chairs are relatively light, and easy to fold up and put in a taxi or carry up a flight of stairs. For those of you who are interested but haven't met us in person before, I really do mean *hobbling*... we both walk with a cane when we walk at all, and we can't go at a 'normal' walking pace, never mind Manhattan speed. (::winks at geekturnedvamp::) The subway will most likely be out of the question for us because of the long flights of stairs; we can handle a flight or more if we can take time to rest in between, but subway steps are steep, and between the steps and the platform are long walkways full of rushing people -- recipe for a fall -- so we'd be using either busses, taxis or NYC's paratransit disservice to go any distances longer than a few blocks.

Anybody still interested?

We'd be arriving at GCT at either 11:40AM or 2:43PM (there's also a train that would get us there at 5:46PM, but that would be cutting things pretty close), so there would be plenty of time for meeting up with people at Woorijip for lunch, or for an early dinner around the Seaport. And there's also the possibility of doing a lunch get-together Wednesday before we head home, if we wind up spending the night in the City, though we'll be tired by then and it would have to be someplace close to either where we were staying or to Grand Central.

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