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Delany reading and/or fannish gathering in NYC?

So Samuel R. Delany is doing a reading at the South Street Seaport Museum two weeks from now.

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Geeky fun with maths (with extra comics-geekiness)

Why yes, another post! And I still haven't got round to posting my belated report on Friday's delightful adventure -- possibly I am constitutionally incapable of reporting on fangatherings until well after the fact.

So, today's September 10th's xkcd:
The full analysis is of course much more complicated, but I can't stay to talk about it because I have a date.
Gosh, I love reposting things that are under Creative Commons license.

Like pretty much all xkcd strips, it's awesomely, geektastically funny. But I'd like to draw your attention to the little visual aid in panel two which reads 'Standard Creepiness Rule: Don't date under (age/2 + 7)'.

This rule explains rather a lot about Batman/Robin and Superman/Robin pairings ...if you take into account the way many people have trouble remembering mathematical formulae correctly. (Don't believe me? What's the formula for the circumference of a circle?1 How about for the area of a right triangle?2) Here's what I think happened.

In Bruce's head, it's 'Don't date under (age/7 + 2)'; so, if he's 35 -- and canonically, he's always 35 except when otherwise specified such as in Batman: Year One or 'The Lesson' -- this yields a don't-date-under age of seven years old. Perfect for Bruce, who in ever so many ways is still an eight-year-old boy in a man's body.

In Clark's head, the Standard Creepiness Rule is 'Don't date under (age/2 - 7)'; so, if his default canon age is 30 -- which, officially, it's either 29 or 30, but I don't want to clutter up this post with tedious remainders -- this yields a don't-date-under age of eight. Perfect for ...Clark's tendency to fixate on Robins from the moment he first lays eyes on them in uniform. Especially when one takes into consideration that, while modern canon has adjusted Dick Grayson's age at the time of his parents' death to thirteen, in the Golden Age Dick went to live with Bruce and fight crime in short pants before he was even ten years old (the number of birthday candles on the cake in this issue was frighteningly small, but unfortunately the internets failed to provide me with any scans showing the post-spanking panels).

1. Hint: *not* πr2.
2. Hint: *not* A2+B2=C2.

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I'm pretty sure this is a better example of what you're referring to

I've seen but not been involved in the controversy in bandom over whether stagegay is good or bad -- not been involved in because bandom is not my fandom. Yes, some of those boys are pretty and look good on each other, yes I've heard the music and like some of it (and know what "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" means) ...I'm just not fannish about it. All of you who love it are welcome to it.

I haven't read all the posts; I haven't even read all the posts which showed up on my flist. In other words, it's nearly certain I'm missing a lot of the nuances of the arguments on each side.

That said,

...You want to talk about boys kissing and feeling each other up in public but refusing to state publicly that they're gay, queer, bi or what have you? Have a look here. Not the same rugby players who keep posing for those notoriously homoerotic and borderline-pornographic calendars (that's a French rugby team) but, well, rugby players do have something of an international reputation for this sort of thing. To the point where homoerotic rugby images have been used in tourism billboards.

Apparently someone also compared stagegay to blackface. I'm not going to comment on that beyond "Um, *NO*," but coincidentally, over the weekend katarik and I were discussing some actual blackface worn to this year's Dragon*con, which she attended and I ...found the website with the official costume-contest photos from. Those of you who plan to ever attend a comics and/or sci-fi and/or fantasy con in costume, take note:
This is okay.
This is *really NOT* okay.
(For the benefit of those who need to google who the geeks in those photos are meant to be dressed as, the former is probably Drizzt Do'Urden, a character from a series of tie-in novels for Dungeons & Dragons -- certainly he's a drow elf -- and the three in the latter are Zoe Reynolds, Hoban "Wash" Washburne, and Mal Reynolds from Firefly and later Serenity; in both the television series and the subsequent film, Zoe was played by Gina Torres.)

Here's a better-quality photo of two completely different people in drow costumes who apparently missed the official hallway contest. And, for contrast, here's one of several white women who managed to be recognisable in their Zoe costumes without blackface makeup; there were also several different women of colour dressed as Zoe. Mind you, when I say "recognisable" I'm speaking as someone who is not and never was a fan of Firefly/Serenity -- I watched one episode and parts of a few others to see if I could get into it, and I couldn't. (I am a Gina Torres fan, but that's beside the point.) And actually, I'm reasonably sure there were a number of women (and maybe even a man or three) in Zoe costumes at the con other than the handful I've seen, but I didn't look further than what came up in searches on Flickr, since I was already there viewing the "official" photos.

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Tim looks hungrily at Dick, Cass knows what Tim wants, Yum!

several diversions, and a number of people named Jack

(Diversion in the sense of a pleasant entertainment, rather than the sense of shifting attention from one subject to another.)

First of all, last week petronelle came to visit me and Te. She is quite diverting on her own! Delectable foods were delected, fancuddles occurred, and I won at making fangirls squeal, hands down. (In fairness, I must admit most of the squealing was in response to my sandbagging them with puns or cracked-out ideas like 'what if Jason had been adopted by Ollie?')

Petra also inflicted introduced me to 5.75 wonderful and diverting things during her visit... Collapse ) Collapse ) Collapse ) Collapse ) Collapse ).

Unrelated except chronologically: In between finishing Good Omens and reading anything else, I devoured the entire Canopus in Argos series by Doris Lessing. (Well, okay, I skimmed past large chunks of The Making of the Representative for Planet 8. Which, considering that it's only a ~120-page novella, and that I actually enjoy reading Herman Melville, should tell you something about how overly expository those long unbroken paragraphs are. It was an aberration, and should not detract from anyone's enjoyment of the four full-length novels in the series.) Um... we didn't have any other Gaiman I hadn't already read, or any Pratchett in printed-book form, and Te did have the omnibus edition. I don't know, it made sense at the time.

I don't even know where to start describing these books. I will say that they don't necessarily need to be read in order of publication, but that if you're starting with Shikasta (aka Re: Colonised Planet 5 Shikasta) you should NOT read Wiki articles, reviews or anything else, because there's an enormous spoiler which nearly every source mentions right off when talking about the book despite it not being revealed until hundreds of pages into the book itself. They're challenging books, both because Lessing doesn't explain some of the concepts she came up with for the series until long after they're first introduced (if at all) and because the main themes of the series are all advanced philosophical (and theosophical, and sociological, and cosmological) questions. They do, however (with the exception noted) manage to be page-turners as well, an impressive balance. So long as the punctuation of this sentence, which is indicative of Lessing's habitual punctuation -- doesn't make you want to punch things then you should be fine. (It makes me want to punch things, actually; but I still got through all five installments, didn't I?)

ETA: And today I shall be having my first root canal ever. Hopefully this will suck less than it might. Feel free to share tales of your own nightmarish root canal experiences, though -- forewarned is forearmed, and all that.

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LJ: breaking promises since 2005

Hold that 'yay' -- everything is NOT suddenly okay.

Yays, LiveJournal/SixApart are being reasonable again! -- or are they?

Let's have a look.

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To anyone who thinks...

...that the community moderators of daily_deviant have responded to the mess they've created for themselves in a reasonable way:

Here, for contrast, is an example of an *appropriate* response to make after discovering that you have behaved in a racist manner and thereby offended others.

When I came across the above-linked post, I knew it would eventually be useful for future situations where somebody in fandom acted like a big dumb racist and wasn't willing to own up to it. (I was hoping it would take *more than a week* for the next such occasion to happen.)

Other than that, I don't have much to contribute to the discussion; I was asleep when the excrement struck the ventilation device, so other people have already said most of what needs to be said, and probably better than I would've done anyway. As is often the case, liviapenn has compiled an excellent listing of links to other posts about the issue.

[Edited to add: Inspired by aubergineautumn's comments here, I have created a new macro. Feel free to take and use; credit is appreciated but not necessary, just don't let me catch anyone claiming it as their own.]
Jason mocks your pain, Ha Ha!

On transformative uses of copyrighted material

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Political cartoon: Fandom and SixApart

Last night brown_betty, in between writing brilliant posts and comments about the "clarification" (I do not think that word means what they think it means) of LJ's permissible content policy, she came up with a brilliant idea for a political cartoon about the whole mess.

Alas, as she lamented to me, Betty cannot draw. (I'm not sure I entirely believe this, as I haven't yet come across anything else she can't do.) She described the cartoon she envisioned so well I thought I could almost see it too. So, I offered to try drawing it for her.

Peek shot: LiveJournal: Dedicated to separating its users at least six degrees away from their community. Collapse )

Who knew sheep could be such woobies?
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Mandy, bitch please, even grimmer than Batman!

Fanart: Teen Kilroy (rating to be determined after Abuse deletes my account)

Okay, LJ is claiming that not only text-only description, but any non-photographic depiction of someone under 18 (and photos, too, which I'd say everyone was on the same page about except that LJ has spectacularly failed to specify that only photographs of minors which include nudity and/or a sexual theme are obscene, so anybody who's posted fully-clothed photos of their babies, godkids, nieces, nephews etc. is distributing obscene material by the latest "clarified" definition) falls under the definition of "obscenity" in the United States and is therefore prohibited by LJ's Terms of Service.

The three standards a work has to meet to be considered obscene under US law are:

1) It has to appeal mainly to prurient interest, in the opinion of an average person (one with 2.3 children, one supposes? sounds like a paedophile serial killer to me) applying the standards of whatever "community" is relevant to the case at hand; and
2) It has to depict a sexual and/or excretory act which is "patently offensive" and also explicitly (HEH) listed in some state's criminal code; and
3) It has to be devoid of any "serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value."

I'm going for the trifecta of visual (non-photographic) art involving a minor. Collapse )
Is his statement of age suffficient to establish that he's a minor?
Is it prurient, are you average enough to decide, and which community's standards did you choose?
Is the act depicted patently offensive, and if it's covered under a state statute, please indicate which one?
Is my hope of avoiding even political value defeated by the very circumstance under which the work was created?
yeti will fuck you up, GRARRR, feminist rage icon

Congratulations 6A! You lose at the Internet.

You've probably seen posts all over your friendslist about this announcement from SixApart (unless you're one of the many people on my flist who are avoiding their friends pages in fear of spoilers for the new Harry Potter book, and yes, the timing of the announcement right when so much of HP fandom is offline, not to mention right after permanent account sales closed, is too obnoxious to be entirely coincidental).

I'm going. Almost certainly I'm following Te wherever she goes -- see here.

There are already a huge number of comments on the lj_biz post, most of them falling into one of a handful of categories of redundancy. I like to think that I've saved you the trouble of adding to the riot of responses there... though, if shooting metaphorical fish in the barrel is something you enjoy, LiveJournal has provided an exquisitely ripe opportunity.

As I said in that comment, none of the content in buggery is going to be deleted, at least not by me. But in the very near future, new content will be posted elsewhere rather than here, and pre-existing content will be reposted at the new location. I'll keep you posted as to where my new internet home shall be.

Oh, and because I enjoy calling things before they happen:
Nobody seems to be asking for clarification, yet, of whether fanfiction's use of trademarked (or copyrighted, though that gets a big old [SIC]) characters, locations and concepts is going to fall under the new ban on content which allegedly violates US law. (I might've just missed it, as I did not read every single comment before my own.) My guess is that 6A will say, while everyone is up in arms about this current round of BS, that fanfiction which doesn't concern minors in sexual situations won't be affected... and that they'll go back on that before the year is out.

I have a paid account and extra icon slots, and have had them for years now. I'm going to quite enjoy taking my consumer dollars elsewhere, and helping finance some less-egregiously-mismanaged journaling site to make itself better as I did with LJ in the past.