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Babel Fish

1 April 2007, Sunday
Holy given up for lost, Batman -- it's new fanfiction from the Jack! 11:55 pm   (heart this)

So I realised recently that it's been over a year since I posted any fic here. Granted, I've been largely gafiated, and also mostly not writing (you didn't think I was writing and hoarding it all away to myself, I hope), but still. The main purpose of this LJ is inflicting sharing my fanfic with the world.

Somewhat more recently, it's occurred to me that 1 April is a fine day for posting humorous stories. (Not prank stories; I'm inclined to look on a tradition based on Christian disdain for pre-Christian traditions with a jaundiced eye.) It lets me get into the spirit of fun that's come to be associated with the day without feeling like I'm marginalising anyone.

And in that spirit, I present:

Auld Lang Syne (Gotham) -- Nightwing | Dick Grayson ...and 'friends'Collapse )

Edited to add: Several people audienced this story for me, back before I nearly forgot to post it. I cannot remember who they are, because I suck, but if they remind me in comments, I will give credit where it's due.

It's only logical: Not all DCU fic by the Jack is humour
It's also logical: Not all Jack's fanfiction is DCU-based

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